In 1943, Martin's News was established by brothers Steve and Al Martin. The store was originally located on Stratford Avenue in Bridgeport. In July of 1945, the business was moved to Barnum Avenue in Stratford. In 1961, younger brother Ray Martin, Sr., joined the business. Soon the corner became a landmark location for newspapers, magazines and local gossip. The streets were crowded with people waiting for the late night editions of newspapers from across the United States. In the 1970's, Martin's News became the largest lottery agent in the State of Connecticut. Gamblers would stand in the lines that went out the door to buy their tickets at the "Lucky Spot". In 1986, Martin's News reinvented itself as the first discount cigarette outlet in the State. With aggressive advertising and working closely with the distributors, manufacturers and transportation companies, Martin's had the cigarette business tied up in Fairfield County. By 2001, Martin's was the largest cigarette retailer in the States. Surprising even the largest chain stores in the area. As the times are changing again, we invite you to our new location at 2339 Barnum Avenue,just across the street from our former location. Stop in enjoy our memorabilia and let us help you with all your tobacco needs!


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